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Now Offering Interest-Free Monthly Payments!
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Everyone deserves to sparkle! We don't believe that cost should prevent anyone from wearing the jewelry that their heart desires so we let you choose the materials that suit you best. We focus on creating beautiful designs but you choose between 14k gold or plated sterling silver, genuine gemstones or beautiful simulants. What matters to us is that the jewelry looks amazing at a price that is right for you and that you feel fabulous wearing it!


We are a third-generation jeweler! Our family has been crafting fine jewelry by hand for decades. Each of our pieces reflect the craftsmanship you'd expect of a fine jeweler, regardless of whether we are creating a high-end custom diamond piece or an affordable replica using silver and simulated gemstones. Our master craftsmen work on both.


We have been predominantly a wholesaler for many years, crafting beautiful creations for luxury boutiques and retailers around the globe. in 2020, we launched our own e-commerce website to offer you the same wholesale pricing so that you can expand your collection with the best values.


We stand behind every piece we create. You can buy with confidence knowing that If you ever have a problem, you can reach out to us and mail us your piece for a free repair. 


We are a small business and a husband and wife team. We are consumers as well and treat you the way we'd want to be treated.

I absolutely LOVE your jewelry. I love to play with different looks and I'm so impressed with the quality of your pieces. You make it possible for me to indulge and treat myself and that makes me so very happy!



This might sound crazy but our journey to create affordable jewelry began when I insisted that Howard stop bringing me anymore gifts! I know that, as a jeweler, he wanted his wife to have a lovely collection but we had a mortgage to pay, tuitions to submit, and family vacations to take. Adding to my jewelry box wasn't a priority for me so I begged Howard to just set the jewelry he wanted me to have with the best simulated diamonds he could find.

I have been mixing genuine pieces and replicas together for many years and everyone just assumes that everything I wear is real. What I found over time is that I can experiment with lots of looks and embrace trends without a big investment. When I realized that I prefer to have pieces I can pass down to my daughters, we started working with sterling silver and lab grown diamonds. Silver is, after all, a noble metal and a perfect material to create fine jewelry at affordable price points. Never before have such incredible looks been so affordable.

AND Howard Freund

I started working in the family jewelry business almost immediately after college. It wasn't the plan - or what I thought I would do - but my uncle, a partner in the family business died suddenly of a massive heart attack. In the wake of the tragedy, I stepped in to help. 

I have loved working with jewelry all of these years and what I love most is creating opportunities for people to feel that special joy that comes from putting something sparkly on. Whether its crafting a custom piece to celebrate a milestone, designing and creating a beautiful engagement ring for couple about to start a life together, or bringing Deborah's designs to life. I love that my life's work makes people so very happy. 

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I am so happy that you make pieces that are genuine looking but are so much more affordable. I'm sure I speak for many other women when I say this: THANK YOU!!!



Here are our best tips to preserving your sparkle!

1. Protect finishes by keeping pieces away from corrosive chemicals including perfume, hairspray and cleaning products. Swimming with jewelry in a pool or ocean should also be avoided.

2. Keep jewelry clean with a mild soap and water. You can use a toothbrush to gently scrub behind stones and around the prongs. We do not recommend using tooth paste however, as as it can leave a cloudy residue and has the added risk of making a simulated stone appear dull.

3. When not worn, store jewelry in a dust-free pouch. This is especially important for simulated stones that are more porous than their genuine counterparts. We want to prevent dust from entering the stone.

In addition to our genuine diamond collections, we offer a range of jewlery replicas that are made with the same craftsmanship as our genuine pieces but use 5-A rated man-made gemstones for pieces that replicate the look of real so well that you might thing we accidentally sent you a genuine piece!

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I think I speak for women everywhere when I say THANK YOU for doing what you do. I absolutely love jewelry but could never afford the pieces that I really want. You allow me to sparkle without breaking the bank - and with quality this good, no one even questions that pieces aren't real. 

Anne R.

I love everything! I need more fingers!!

Jessica T.

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